Family is not an important thing,
it is everything.

Michael J. Fox

All of us at Universal Studios Orlando, 2014

Family values

We are an old fashioned family. We eat dinner together everynight, and try to spend time together on the weekends. We tend to read the same books, giving us something to talk about. We bicker, but support each other at all times.


Laurie and I married on June 12, 1993. She enjoys walking, riding her exercise bike, and reading. We have had quite a good life together. Despite the ups and downs, we stick with each other.


Lizzie was born February 8, 1998 and is an excellent scholar, rower, and person. She always takes the lead. She loves to be active, read, listen to music, and watch movies. Liz very loyal to her friends.


Chris was born August 17, 2002. He is also an excellent student, particularly in math. He excels at both baseball pitching and soccer goalkeeping. He enjoys playing video games with friends and reading.